Sunday, 2 December 2012


Hello! Welcome to my first blog!

My name's Alex, I'm a part-time microstock photographer, maths student and first-time blogger - so go easy on me!

First, I have a confession to make - I am not the best photographer in the world. Shocking, I know. However, I have learned an awful lot in my limited time in the microstock industry and have made more than enough mistakes for people to learn from. Effectively, I plan to write the blog that I would've liked to read while I was researching microstock - an honest blog that tells people how to make a bit of pocket money by selling photos, which photos will actually sell, how I can take photos whilst managing a degree or job and with a limited (or empty) budget, not just the generic posts you can read a million times over online.

Now, I can't guarantee you that people will be paying you for your photos (I can't guarantee that for myself at times!) but hopefully, like me, you'll learn as you go along and can make that bit of money you so badly seek.

So, I'll be back soon and, hopefully, regularly - any feedback or opinions will always be appreciated, so feel free to comment!

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